A coalition of small business, labor, consumer, privacy and social justice advocacy organizations all agree that Prop 24 is flawed and deceptive “privacy” ballot mesasure.

“PALAD stands in solidarity with the No on Prop 24 campaign and countless civil rights, consumer advocacy groups, progressive organizations, and labor leaders. We urge Filipino and Asian American voters to stand against a measure that weakens privacy laws and hurts small businesses and consumers.”

Grace Barrios

Immediate Past President, Pilipino American Los Angeles Democrats (PALAD)

“This measure is a convoluted privacy law crafted behind closed doors that would authorize a new state agency to enforce the aforementioned convoluted data privacy laws.” 

San Gabriel Valley Tribune Editorial Board

“Internet privacy is too important and nuanced to be put in force by a broad ballot measure like Prop 24. CCPA, which Prop 24 changes, has only been law in California for less than a year and should be amended through lawmakers — not a new state agency created at the ballot box through Prop 24. Privacy matters, and this revision of CCPA isn’t worth the vote. PPDC joins California Nurses Association, ACLU of California, and Dolores Huerta in opposing Prop 24.”

Max Goldberg

Corresponding Secretary & Executive Board Member, Pacific Palisades Democratic Club

“California just passed the most comprehensive privacy legislation in the nation to protect consumers’ dataWe need to give that law a chance to work before making costly, potentially harmful changes that undermine existing law.” 

Mary Stone Ross

The co-author of the California Consumer Privacy Act and Chairperson of California Consumer and Privacy Advocates Against Prop 24. 

“Proposition 24 doesn’t really protect our privacy; it adds carve-outs and loopholes to protect corporate profits over peopleProp 24 allows companies to use and share your personal information without getting your permission – and then charge more when you ask for privacy. Californians are already struggling to afford the internet for essential services, medical care, and schoolwork during a health crisis, and Prop 24 would disproportionately burden working people and Black and Latinx families. Californians deserve real privacy protection, and we hope they vote no on Prop 24.” 

Jacob Snow

Technology and Civil Liberties Attorney at the ACLU of Northern California

“Prop 24 was drafted and qualified by one rich real estate developer, who actively solicited amendments and language from big corporations like Experian while ignoring 85% of the suggestions of consumer and privacy advocatesSo it comes as no surprise that this measure is as anti-consumer as it is. Prop 24 weakens the CCPA before it even gets out the gate, and its few good additions do not outweigh the many bad ones.” 

Tracy Rosenberg

Executive Director of Media Alliance and President of Californians for Privacy Now

Prop 24 contains provisions that are anti-consumer, anti-worker and anti-social justice; provisions that perpetuate problems that we are trying to solveWe call on the California Democratic Party to oppose this harmful measure as deeply against the values that Democrats stand for.” 

Richard Holober

Consumer Federation of California

“California small businesses just spent billions of dollars complying with the recent privacy legislation. The last thing small businesses need right now is to have to spend more money that they don’t have to comply with a law that actually weakens consumer privacy.” 

Betty Jo Toccoli

President of the California Small Business Association. 

Join California consumer, privacy and social justice advocates in Voting No on 24!

The opposition to Prop 24 is growing as legal analysis of the 52-page measure reveals fatal drafting flaws that expose worker data and allow the discriminatory use of data by developers and other businesses.   

Opposition to Prop 24 now includes: ACLU of California, Consumer Federation of CaliforniaCalifornians for Privacy NowColor of Change, labor icon Dolores Huerta, the California Alliance for Retired Americans and the California Small Business Association.